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Whether you've been struggling for a while, or if an unexpected life event has hit you hard, taking the time to talk, process and reflect can help with perspective, equipping you with the tools and mechanisms to make the changes that allow you to move forward.

All of us go through periods when things get on top of us, and our normal strategies for coping are not enough. It takes courage to seek help, but in doing so you are taking a first step towards change.

I work with individuals to make sense of their world, and couples to untangle the psychosexual and emotional issues which are threatening their relationship.


How I can help

Counselling can help with feelings of loneliness, unhappiness and hopelessness and if you are looking for more meaning in life. You may be wanting to relate to others more easily, dissatisfied with work, concerned about a family member, suffering from illness, facing a crisis or a significant change, or just looking for understanding and support.

I am a qualified humanistic counsellor,  our sessions will start with us exploring what is going on for you right now, and how it is impacting on you and your relationships. We'll look at ways to cope with difficult thoughts and feelings, before going on to consider the experiences which lie beneath. 

I can help with a range of issues which may present because of painful experiences from the past or difficulties in the present and fears about the future. Counselling can also help with psychosexual issues, including loss of desire, sex/porn addiction and adapting to change.

I also work with couples, it's within a safe, nurturing environment that as individuals we reach our fullest potential, but over time all relationships will be tested; through loss, infidelity, conflict - all of the messy stuff that life throws at us. 

Therapy room in Ewell

How it works

​For individual therapy the first step is to arrange a cost-free no-commitment phone, online or F2F session typically lasting 15-30 minutes to enable you to share what brings you to therapy and what you are hoping to achieve. 

The process for couples (or poly) differs as each individual needs to feel equally engaged in the process. I invite you to come and meet with me for an initial hour during which I encourage you both to share the difficulties you're currently experiencing and to consider how you'd like your relationship to look in the future. At the end of this first session you can decide if you think working with me will be helpful. 

I also offer a fixed term relationship MOT which is designed for relationships which feel stale or bruised from the stresses of life events, e.g starting a family, loss, mismatched desire, menopause etc. Content is tailored for each relationship and will run along the following lines -  Session One will explore the relationship dynamics and history. Session Two will examine individuals background/current circumstances and how this impacts the relationship. The third session will focus on current stressors, e.g family dynamics, health concerns, sex. The final session will focus on the future. Sessions can be weekly or bi-weekly, and will likely include homework tasks. 

I am registered by the BACP and abide by their ethical framework. As part of my ongoing professional development I am also undergoing further, specialist training in psychosexual and relationship therapy. I am student member of COSRT.

If you are new to counselling and would like to find out more about the process, or not able to commit to regular sessions I offer a one-off 'Walk and Talk' session, 90 or 120mins in duration. Please email for more information and availability.


  • Individual sessions, 50min duration.

    50 British pounds
  • Open ended therapy for relationships of all types and life stage.

    80 British pounds
  • Fixed price for a bespoke 4 session programme.

    300 British pounds

Jill is kind, sincere, a great listener and very supportive. She’s also down to earth, realistic, with a sense of humour . Jill was that friendly face, warm
hearted person I could sound off to for an hour every week and I will miss our chats. She helped me enormously.

Client A, Purley.

I came to Jill when I was in a particularly difficult period in my life, from spending a year in Lockdown after graduating university I found myself really struggling and feeling overwhelmed. Jill helped me build the confidence to start creating the foundations for my future self - I made leaps and bounds in my professional life while attending these sessions. She also helped with personal family issues by providing me with a confidential safe space to talk without judgement. Compared with previous counsellors I found Jill's relaxed and more familiar approach effective as it made me feel able to open up about my issues.

Client B, Epsom

A man in my mid-sixties, this was my first experience of psychotherapy and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. My porn addiction was seriously threatening my marriage of 40years. During weekly sessions with Jill over a few months I was able to see the bigger picture as to why I was doing this. My wife, though deeply hurt, was supportive of me seeking professional help, and as a result my home life has improved immensely with a more intimate relationship with my wife. Being lucky enough to have chosen the right therapist has turned my life around.

Client C, Ashtead

Booking our first session with you was not something either of us wanted to do, but turns out it was the best thing. You helped my husband and I get through the rough patch we were in last year and have led us down a path where we are happier.  Each week that we saw you, we both became better at communicating with each other in a more positive way which helped with understanding. We are happier in our journey together and want to thank you for all the support to create this better life together with our family.

Couple Client E

You have been a massive help in giving me the ability to be able to see through my bad place I was in and give me the inspiration to see life in a better way. Each week you have listened to me with your full attention and I felt so comfortable from my very first session. How you were able to remember every little thing I said and reflect back on it amazes me. I honestly can say every session has made me a more positive happier girl and brought me to the better place I am in now.

Client D

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1 Howell Hill Close, KT17 3EU

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